Client Success Stories

Nikki Wray

I was never a person who was interested in joining a gym and exercise wasn't really ever something I enjoyed.

When I decided to change myself and become healthier and happier I joined up at our local gym (Nexus Gym).

I knew absolutely no one and was afraid Id feel awkward and out of place, but that was not the case. To my surprise the staff and other gym members at Nexus Gym were so welcoming, friendly and nice.

Nexus has such a positive vibe, even on days where I'm feeling down or not in the mood I know that once I step foot in the door my mood will automatically change.

I'm so happy to be a member of such a great gym. Exercise and going to the gym is definitely now my favourite part of the day, I've made so many new friends.

At Nexus we aren't just your usual gym members were a family.

Mick Carroll

Having trained at different gyms up and down the east coast for the past 3 years Im yet to find another gym that offers the support Nexus Gym Woolgoolga and its team thrive for. They've created a family atmosphere that's truly unrivalled when compared to other gyms. Their teams highly motivated and its evident their priority lies within ensuring each individual member reaches their goals. Highly recommend this Gym! Suitable to people from all walks of life who are ready to make a positive change within themselves.

Dempsey Farr

I'd never been to the gym before and had no idea where to start. When I made a New Years resolution at the beginning of 2015 to get fitter and healthier Nexus gym and the staff played a major role in me keeping that commitment. The staff went above and beyond, making me my first work out plan and continuing to change it as I progressed. Nexus is a great gym, the staff are very helpful, the equipment is top of the line and the overall vibe makes you want to go back and continue smashing your training!

Darren Capes

Nexus Gym is the place to be! Great staff and a very friendly happy atmosphere, staff treat you as a friend and motive me, give me tips on anything from lifting to foods and diets, if anyone from amateur or professional is looking for a gym I recommend Nexus Gym Woolgoolga!

Ben Beehag

What I love about Nexus Gym is the community. There is always a friendly face and someone to talk to. Even though I live in Brisbane I always look forward to coming back to my home. I have never trained at a gym as enjoyable as Nexus Gym Woolgoolga.

Kristian Webb

Best staff and always friendly. The one thing I look forward to all day, every day is heading down to train hard with the best and friendliest people and environment. Gym life, Nexus life, love it!

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